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School Health

Worried that your child is unwell?

If you are not sure if your child is well enough to be in school Public Health England (formally known as Health Protection Agency) gives specific information about the length of time children need to be off school to prevent the spread of common infectious illnesses.

The school health nurse team can give you help and support with a wide range of health issues and will advise you where you can get the help you or your child needs. 

School health nurses are specialist public health nurses who are based in state schools across Oxfordshire.  They work closely with children, young people and their families to support and promote health and well-being and often work alongside school safeguarding and multi-agency professionals to keep children and young people safe and well. 

The team can also work with children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability who attend the schools we cover.

There is more information on Oxfordshire County Council’s SEND local offer at  Special educational needs and disability: The local offer | Oxfordshire County Council

For further information on how to manage common childhood illnesses, see the Healthier Together website.

The NHS.UK website also has lots of useful advice on illness and health conditions.



Vaccinations are delivered by a different service to School Nurses, the Oxfordshire School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS).

The team deliver vaccinations to children aged 5-16 years in schools and community venues across Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire SAIS website


Emotional health and wellbeing

Emotional difficulties can be expressed in a number of different ways such as changes in a child’s behaviour, sleep, mood, or continence.  On average, emotional difficulties affect three children in every class.

Children’s emotional wellbeing is vital for learning in the classroom in order to achieve their potential. When they feel happy and confident, they are able to take in new information, and be responsible for their learning.

A child’s wellbeing and happiness is affected by how well they feel able to respond to challenges in their life, and the circumstances in which they live. Sometimes this leaves them feeling sad, worried or confused.

The school nurse team is able to provide support for young people and can offer advice on what local services are available or refer young people to a specialist agency.

If you have serious or urgent concerns about your child please see your GP.

Useful advice can also be found at CAMHS Good Advice webpage.



The School Health Nurse team offer support for children from the age of five who suffer from day and night time wetting (also known as ‘enuresis’).

Parents and carers can contact us through our Parent Line text messaging service for advice (07312263227). Schools, GPs and other professionals can make referrals to our service for children needing help around enuresis too.

Useful link:

Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence (ERIC)


Growing up and puberty

Puberty is an important part of growing up. It is now included in schools’ PHSE (Personal Social Health Education) lessons.

The and websites both have more information on puberty and growing up. And give advice on helping children to manage these changes.